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Software » Songpress » News » Songpress 1.4 released!

Songpress 1.4 released!

With its first Linux version, Songpress 1.4 becomes cross-platform, and brings some cool new features to Windows users too.

Songpress for Linux does not support copying formatted songs and pasting them in other applications. However, you can export formatted songs as vector (or raster) images, and import them in your favorite DTP or graphics software. For example, Scribus or Inkscape.

What's new in Songpress 1.4?

  • Linux version
  • Export formatted songs as a vector image, in several formats: Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), Enhanced Metafile (EMF, Windows only)
  • Usability improvements: paste chords from one verse to another (similar to Microsoft Word's paste format feature); improved chord editing
  • Automatically check for updates
  • Several bugs fixed