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Software » Songpress » News » Songpress 1.3 released!

Songpress 1.3 released!

Songpress 1.3 has been released. This version introduce some new interesting features:

  • Chord simplification: for beginner guitarists. Songpress can detect if chords are too difficult, and offer to transpose the song to an easier key, automatically.
  • HTML export: Songpress can generate HTML pages (or HTML snippets, to be embedded in your web pages) with formatted song. Pure HTML code, no images!

There are many bug fixes and small improvement as well:

  • Installer was rewritten from scratch, to improve compatibility with some systems.
  • Chords with a special bass note are now supported, e.g. D/F#.
  • Resolved some issues with non-ASCII characters.
  • Other small bugs fixed.