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Editing chords quickly

This page is part of the manual of Songpress, a free program to edit and generate guitar scores. Learn more...

Songpress provides several shortcuts that will help you to edit songs quickly; the following table summarizes some of the most useful ones:

CTRL+H: Insert a chord
SHIFT+ALT+RIGHT: Move current chord one character rightwards
SHIFT+ALT+LEFT: Move current chord one character leftwards
ALT+RIGHT: Move cursor to next chord, and select it
ALT+LEFT: Move cursor to previous chord, and select it
CTRL+U: Insert chorus

Pasting chords

In order to edit a song with several verses, you can copy chords from one verse to the others. Pasted chords will be placed exactly in the same position they had in the original verse. Then, you are free to slightly move them, using, for example, the shortcuts SHIFT+ALT+RIGHT and SHIFT+ALT+LEFT.

To use this feature, select source verse (the one with chords) and copy it (Edit -> Copy). Then, select destination verse (still without chords) and paste chords (Edit -> Paste chords).